If You Can’t Shag (then you know what to do)

“If You Can’t Shag” is the single that we, along with KHP Music, are promoting to the Beach Music market.  The response from DJ’s in the Carolinas and Virginia has been very positive and we certainly appreciate these DJ’s for giving a new band a chance! 

Several DJ’s have sent emails saying the song was too “politically incorrect” for airplay in liberal areas, such as certain college towns in states along the east coast.  I’m sure most of these liberals can’t shag and I’d recommend they take the advice given in the song!

The song lyrics are “If you can’t shag, get your ass out of Carolina”. Some told me I should probably change the word “ass” to something a little more “radio friendly”, so I changed it to “If you can’t shag, get the f___ out of Carolina”.  I don’t know why, but that didn’t work either, so we edited the word out, and now we have the original version (my preferred version) and the “radio edit” version available.

I got the idea for the song from Eddie Bailey, the former drummer with the Swinging Medallions and the Fabulous Expressions.  Eddie said his wife taught 8th grade South Carolina history in Greenwood SC.  Since the South Carolina state dance is the Shag, they take about 3 weeks of the school year, and all the 8th grade students learn to shag.  Eddie told me “if you can’t shag, you can’t graduate from 8th grade in South Carolina” and he and I had a big laugh over it.  In the song, I took it a step further.  I probably owe Eddie a “co-write” for his contribution!  Rev. Bubba D. 


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8 Responses to “If You Can’t Shag (then you know what to do)”

  1. Elena Margo Gould Says:

    I need to hear this song! I can’t get the music sampler on your site to let me hear it… I guess I’ll just have to buy the album.

    Rock on! Or shag on… as the case may be.

    • Rev. Bubba D. Liverance Says:

      Hey Elena,
      For “If You Can’t Shag” go to the website http://www.revbubbaband.com , click on the Music link, click on the album cover of “Let My Peoples Dance” then click on the “Play” button of “If You Can’t Shag”. I just did it and it worked fine. Matter of fact you can hear all the songs in their entirety if you want. Hope you enjoy, and remember this….if you can’t shag, we’ll make an exception and let you stay in Carolina! Rev. Bubba

  2. mhooks33 Says:

    Hi Elena, sometimes it takes a few moments for the jukebox on the website to get fully loaded, then click on the song title. You can also search http://www.cdbaby.com for Bubba D Liverance and it should also pop up there. Thanks for the interest. Rev. Bubba

  3. Aqnytqxh Says:


  4. mr beach Says:

    man that is a awsome song i hate see n yank ies or tourist getting in the way of the great shaggers of the carolinas

  5. Tom McKinnon Says:

    Bubba, it is an unfriendly lyric, I guess you could term it xenophobic. Great music but still divisive. And I have my credentials, southern musician playing weekend warrior for over 40 yrs but can’t shag a lick myself. Hey, could I be taking this personally?

    • mhooks33 Says:

      Hey Tom,
      A couple of things……….1) I don’t know what xenophobic means, but I think I resent that! 2) The song was written in good humor, it’s just a joke, lighten up 3) don’t take it personally, most musicians were on stage while everyone else was learning to shag. bubba

  6. Jessica Says:

    My ex-husband and I actually shared a moment laughing at this song on the radio together. Thanks for the laugh!

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